The castle

Access to the Auris estate is via the D613 road. This was once the main Corbières route: from Narbonne and the rue des Fours à Chaux, it led to the estates of Pastouret, Jonquières, Aussières, Auris and Saint Julien-de-Septime and Fontfroide abbey, then continued on to Lagrasse. The Corbières route joins the D613 just before Auris.

The present-day buildings at Auris, which are clearly visible from the road to Narbonne, are those of a wine estate dating back to the end of the 19th century with its dovecot, sizeable, practical wine cellar, beautiful manor house, farm buildings and grounds which are unique in that they join seamlessly with the neighbouring hill, forming an uninterrupted expanse of woodland.
Auris currently extends over a total 300 hectares, including a 40-hectare vineyard surrounding the buildings and a beautiful stretch of tree-covered hills reaching out towards the East. It stretches over the western slopes of the Massif de Fontfroide whose highest point stands 300 m above sea level.

Even Auris’ name harks back to its extremely ancient past, referring to the Roman surname Auricus.